Magic Make UpTM 
"Inspired by every woman’s story, strength, and style . . . Magic Make Up is designed to enhance the beauty that lies within."

~ Erica King
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Magic Make Up

“More than just makeup, more than just the stroke of a brush . . . it’s magic!!!"

~ Erica King
“I absolutely loved, Loved, LOVED my time spent in Erica's chair. She was genuinely concerned . . . my wardrobe and . . . color palette. [H]er family [was] very hospitable. She offered me a one-on-one tutorial . . . and many more services!   5 out of 5 Stars!!
~ Arna Wells ~
“I absolutely love the job Miss Erica did on me! The make up wasn't too heavy for my skin and she checked if I had any allergies, before applying anything!  She's got what it takes!  Not just someone DOING make up, but she has studied her craft and have the credentials to back it up. Kudos to you, ERICA!!!
~ Elaine Crockett ~
“I COULD NOT BE MORE GRATEFUL FOR ERICA!!!! My friends and family said  ‘my face was beat to the gods!’ LOL. Her pleasant vibe and humorous personality makes each experience phenomenal!
~ Brittany Williams ~
“Erica is amazing! MUA! I felt like a brand new woman! You leave her chair feeling great about yourself. I love that her experience and knowledge make her stand out amongst most!”
Klashae Burns ~
“Erica is very professional and has a heart of gold! She worked with my daughter, Domnique, and made her gorgeous while building her confidence! With Erica, it’s not only about beauty but also about professionalism.”
~ Desiree McMurray ~
“My makeup was flawless and amazing!! Erica releases grace in every stroke of the brush and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to experience one of the best makeup artists ever!!!”
~ Sarah Nicole ~
“Erica is an extremely talented makeup artist. I met her at a photoshoot at Betty Jean’s House of Style. Her professionalism and talent showed immediately. I’d recommend her for any event or photoshoot. We can’t wait to work with her again!”
~ Keith Grant ~
Owner of Betty Jeans House of Style
“Erica is hands down the best!  MUA! She did a phenomenal job! Not only did she make me feel special, she achieved everything I asked her to do. I wanted soft glam. I got exactly that. She truly has talent!”
~ Cherise Wesley ~
“I asked Erica to work on a photoshoot for a prominent group of Dallas business women, and they loved her so much I knew I had to have her on my team. Erica is very attentive to her clients’ needs!”
~ Kieone Young ~
“Erica is an ARTIST, and she has mastered not only the art of makeup, but the ability to transform her clients’ spirits from the inside out. Her professionalism and talent shines brightly!”
~ Annia Jenkins ~
“Erica was awesome! She’s super down to earth. You’ll feel like you’ve known her your whole life! I’d absolutely recommend he to any for a MUA. She’s mine for life!!!!”
~ Kayla Pride ~
“My experience with Erica was amazing! She made my makeup look so glamorous for my birthday! On a scale from 1 to 10 on how wonderful my makeup was, it wouldn’t even scale! She’s amazing!” 
~ Tia Ponder ~
“Erica is fabulous, with a kind heart and beautiful spirit. She did an amazing job for my twins’ 16thbirthday shoot! They loved her so much I had her surprise them for a face beat for their 16thparty. We will continue to reach out to her for face beats.”
~ LaTonya Belvin Williams ~
“My makeup experience with Erica was phenomenal! I got my whole face done in such a short amount of time and went out to the runway looking flawless. I recommend her for any even you want to slay!”
~ Valerie Cruz ~
NYFW Model
Erica King