About Erica King
Erica King, who has been “enhancing the beauty within” for many across the country, was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Texas, and is a graduate of the IMA for make-up artists in Atlanta, Georgia. 

 Erica holds several certifications for make-up artistry in the United States and abroad, and a class intensive from award-winning make-up artist Sara Seidman Vance entitled "Lighting for Makeup Artist 101". Specializing in glamor, creative, and special effects make-up, Erica strives to become an entrepreneur in the world of beauty. During her collegiate career, she began her journey into beauty as a professional through an internship with Christian Dior cosmetics. Since then, Erica has intentionally pursued a career as a freelance make-up artist for runway, photography, television, theater, film and private clients. 

Erica maintains a relevant appearance in the make-up world, maintaining the most updated techniques and styles through domestic and international shows each year. She invests heavily in making sure her clients receive the very best and is passionate about giving them the complete “Magic Make Up” experience.
Organizations,  Affiliations & Accomplishments  
IAPO International Association of Professional Makeup Artist.

Mary Kay Consultant, 

Holder of 3 Certifications in Makeup Artistry Including Special Effects

Erica King

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